Embody the love you seek. Tap into the flow of love within.

Live your truth by being who you are. 


Hello dear one.


Do you struggle with low self-esteem? Are you constantly hard yourself, beating yourself up with your inner critic? Do you have a hard time putting yourself first?  Do you frequently second guess yourself and live in your head? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and being direct in your communication with others? Are you afraid of owning your light and allowing yourself to be seen? Do you desire to be so bold in who you are and what you want out of life? Do you want to experience more passion, fun, play, and joy in life? 

If yes, come get cozy on my couch and make yourself comfortable. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Artemis Rose and I am here to guide you back home to yourself.

I want you to feel at home. I want you to feel at peace. I want you to experience what everyday would begin to feel like when you're at home in your own skin.

Imagine no longer running from your thoughts and feelings but turning towards your experience with unconditional loving acceptance.

Imagine feeling lighter and freer to be who you are..

Imagine giving yourself permission to take up space, own your light, and stand in your power..

Imagine trusting yourself so completely in life..

Come home to your body dear one, to your heart where there is no more running, no more hiding, and no more seeking. There is only just being. Being who you truly are.

     Now let's walk you back to your remembrance of who you truly are.


My Services.

One on one.

I offer personalized 1 on 1 coaching for weekly sessions, a 1 month breakthrough, or a 3 month transformation. During our work together, I will support you towards embodying more of who you truly are. I will help you the following:

-gaining clarity around the changes you may need to make

-trauma informed tools to help you regulate your nervous system and shift your mindset,

-better boundary setting to say No to make more space for your YES

-learning to love those parts of yourself you keep rejecting, squashing down, and hiding

-helping you sit and turn towards the feelings that you may need to sit with

-identifying your needs and wants that will allow you to prioritize what you value and create the life that you love 

I will equip you with the necessary tools and support that will assist you but this program also cannot work if you do not show up. This is why I do a 15 min introductory call to see if we are the right fit. 

These 3 months will include the following:

(3) 1 weekly 40 min video or phone sessions

Weekly homework prompts for you to work on and practice your tools

Access to a privatized group I have created with other women who will be journeying with you for the next 3 months

Being a part of the larger EmbodyU community


I will be giving talks and webinars on the following: self-love, authenticity, conscious communication, roadmapping, clarity, vision boarding and planning, self-acceptance, silencing the inner critic, creative self-expression, shame and other emotions, shadow work alchemy, embodiment, and wholeness. All topics center around  how to grow more into who you truly are and are trauma informed. My hope is that you will leave feeling more awakened, inspired, and embodied to be who you are.

I am also available for speaking opportunities and presentations.

Please check back for updates. 

Imagine falling in love with who you truly are..
Imagine standing firm in your choices..
Imagine being clear in who you are and what you want...
Imagine being more intentional with time and priorities...
Imagine trusting yourself completely, even on the days where you still feel afraid
Imagine taking aligned action towards creating a life that you love..
Imagine embodying who you truly are.

Let's Hop on a call

Artemis J Rose
Email for inquiries artemisjrose@gmail.com

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